Fiberoptic Lightsource

For uncompromising darkfield illumination, the Biomedx Systems provide 150 watts of light carried through a pure glass fiber optic cable directly into the microscope. Options exist for 250 watts as well as power LED arrays. Since fiberoptic technology was invented, it has been used to get bright light into small spaces and microscope illumination is one area it has been used extensively.

General Features

Universal Turret Condenser

This is the no hassle condenser for the technician that wants to easily move from brightfield, to phase contrast, to darkfield, to 3D with a simple turret rotation. This avoids the hassle of changing condensers between optical modes. Once this condenser is adjusted and locked into place, it is rock steady and holds its settings through continued use. This condenser has six positions; brightfield (w/iris), 3 phase contrast positions,  darkfield and 3D/relief contrast. It gives excellent phase contrast performance, and good darkfield with the non-oil 40x objective. The condenser has a numerical aperture of 1.25, so it can be oiled for higher performance using the appropriate objective.

For more exacting darkfield  light requirements, the dedicated oil darkfield condenser can be used.

Infinity Corrected Objectives

For uncompromising quality all of our systems use the latest state of the art Olympus infinity corrected objectives. The standard objectives used with our typical systems include;  

2x Plan Ach for brightfield/darkfiled,

4x Plan Ach for brightfield/darkfield,

10x Plan Ach for brightfield/darkfield,

20x Plan Ach for brightfield/phase/darkfield,  

40x Plan Ach for phase/darkfield/3D,  

100x Plan Ach oil for “wow” phase contrast,  

50x Plan Ach oil iris for darkfield,

100x Plan Ach oil iris for darkfield.

Depending on quality, some objectives can be priced as high as $12,000 just by themselves.

The objectives are placed into a turret nosepiece which rotates each objective into place as needed. Our standard microscope system has a 5 objective nosepiece turret

Video Imaging

When cost needs to meet a budget, we can use micro-head medical imaging cameras with the latest cutting edge CCD imager and on-board algorithms built into its internal ROM chips for excellent color and image rendition for standard-definition viewing. These cameras also undergo stricter quality control from the mfg to meet our specific microscope application needs.

High-definition camcorders with built-in zooming provides superior imaging with big screen viewing potential for very impressive bio-education and wellness training. These can also be set up with wireless memory chips for automatic camera to computer download of captured images.

Buy a Microscope System

Dark field and phase contrast live blood microscope general features.

Field Iris Diaphragm

For Koehler illumination in brightfield mode, but more importantly, very useful for live blood imaging in dark field mode with the turret condenser. The field iris allows the technician to cut out incident light giving a higher contrast dark field image. It comes standard on all of our systems.


Many options exist to get the video image from your microscope to your desktop or laptop computer. Using native operating system tools you can easily file and catalog your microscope images on your computer to client folders for easy retrieval and for adding to reports or research papers.

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