Biomedx dark field, bright field, light field, phase contrast & 3D enabled microscope systems come in various configurations and are designed for the highest quality imaging and user flexibility.

Introduction to our Microscopes

Shown here is one or our older systems with standard video, yet note it’s superb performance. Our new systems are even better - all HD enabled with optical and digital zooming power and on-board image control - simply wow!  

Scope V2 Scope V3

The systems with HD imaging and display are dynamic tools for any microscopy teaching application or life science field like hematology, pathology, CDC provisioned dark field microscopy, CLIA regulated lab work, live blood analysis, water and soil investigation, fertility, motility, nano-biologic study and more.

These are clinical set-ups specific to biological work and real time imaging as most notably utilized in health advocacy programs and wellness education for live blood and dry layer nutritional microscopy.

All of our microscope systems are fiber optic enabled and can be powered by 150 watt quartz halogen or other lighting so getting excellent images while flipping between brightfield, phase contrast, 3D imaging and darkfield with a rotating turret condenser is easily accomplished. In addition, all systems offer a range of options you can add at any time.   

From our basic systems to more advanced set-ups, you can progressively add options as desired to expand functionality while also adding features to enhance image presentation. Items like 100x oil objectives, dedicated dark field condensers, big screen flat panel HD displays, wireless computer image capture.

With a Biomedx system, unlike others in the marketplace, you never have to worry whether you bought the right microscope or not. Starting with our base system, it has the flexibility to meet superior performance right out of the box while able to be upgraded to perform at levels of microscopes costing 2 to 5 times as much.

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