At the physical level, disease and aging of the body is all about rotting and rusting. The rot is an underlying biological mechanism inherent in all earthly species and the rust is an oxidative process. Here we present some educational concepts with out-takes from our pre-training workshop.

Because the concepts build on each other, it is helpful to take the Rot & Rust "tour" one page at a time starting at the beginning.

At the left are the page selections.

Note that this information often needs to be considered in the context of a broader picture which is lacking in this series. Also, the benefit of classroom clarification is missing in the static word. Much of the material here has been simplified for the purposes of a stylistic presentation to get across some basic concepts that when pondered and applied to the wellness efforts of the average person, will begin to set the stage for making better health decisions.

It would be wise that when those decisions need to be made, the individual making those decisions takes the responsibility to act appropriately and find the answers that are right for them using competent resources. For example, in this material there may be reference to ideas that are just the start of something, but there is much more to know.

Take the discussion of pH which is very basic and where “acid” tissue pH is said to be “bad”. Many get the idea that if that is the case, then to do everything possible to “alkalize” the body is good, missing the point that homeostatic mechanisms in the body work in balance, and while “acid” in certain contexts indeed might be “bad”, the flip side of too much alkalinity can be equally devastating to one’s state of health.

Nevertheless the discussion and ideas presented here are meant to impart a little bit of mental stirring and perhaps a few ideas that will spur you to dig deeper.

How You Rot & Rust

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