How You Rot & Rust

A Theory Differentiating

Internal and External "Parasites"

According to the theories of Enderlein, the colloids of life in your blood (i.e. protits) develop according to the terrain of the blood. At some stages of their development he said that they are outright pathogenic and parasitic and constitute the real fungus among us. He believed these to be our true, forever with us, internal parasites.  

Professor Enderlein called these “parasite looking” forms ENDOBIONTS (from the Greek "endon" = internal and "bios" = life). He said we can never separate ourselves from them. We co-exist in a mutually symbiotic relationship. We give them a vehicle for life, they give us blood forms like platelets, without which we couldn't exist. The endobiont appears in all mammalian species and has shown evidence through some of its developmental forms to be of a plant nature. Our symbiotic union with them evidently occurred millions of years ago as our species grew into existence. Without some blood clotting mechanism in place, mammals could have never evolved.

Wow. Now that is some theory.

Now if this were true, it doesn’t really counter the idea of creationism if that was of concern. Could be God simply created this incredible plan with astounding brilliance. It even throws a new wrinkle on the story of Adam and Eve. When Adam (the beginning of man) first partook of the apple (plant), his form on earth was forever altered and he would hence experience physical death. The internal parasite (which Enderlein points out actually looks like a snake or serpent in  one of its developmental forms in the blood when you're dying) would one day see to it.

Now you can draw your own inferences however they suit you. The most important thing is that the story as expressed by Enderlein was a theory born through observation. It just happens to be a theory that never made it into the curriculum of traditional western medicine. This is too bad because even though it appears to be an erroneous hypothesis with the latest DNA testing, the opportunity to have it told to the majority of students in a health curriculum at most schools today means a couple of generations of medical practitioners missed the boat to ponder and investigate the critical importance of the internal terrain.

Today we know that the forms which Enderlein assigned the attributes of life - which denotes independent DNA - to be in reality a vast assemblage of chylomicrons, lipids, lipoproteins, globin particles, actin strands, myelin forms, and in general phospholipid particles which in effect are the body’s own cellular breakdown by-product.

Enderlein called all of these things the Endobiont (the internal life form), and he saw them as active parasitic agents when the forms grew in size, but in reality they are as much connected to parasites as a broken rubber band floating in water can be called a snake.

Parasites having independent life and identifiable DNA, are somewhat  rare to observe in the blood.

The External Parasites

The internal forms referred to above, is in contrast to external parasites with which we occasionally come in contact. This is the area of external microbes and parasites that when taken to extremes, intensifies into infectious diseases and epidemics. Medicine, through hygiene, has accomplished much in this area. The fact is, opportunistic bugs, bacteria and viruses are all over the place, including inside you, me, and others. Some of us get sick and some of us don't. As far back as the plagues of the dark ages some lived and some died. Nobody knew why.

Could it be that pH balance, mineral balance, nutritional balance, all have something to do with which bugs thrive inside us and which don't? Absolutely. Disease producing organisms love off balance metabolic conditions. It's just like Pasteur had finally admitted, but nobody was around to hear. Until somebody listens and metabolic balancing catches on, the "experts" will be left confused and scratching their heads wondering why some people exposed to certain bacteria and viruses get sick and die, and some don't.

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