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Begin here: learn the details of the Biomedx custom microscopes appropriate for live blood cell analysis, nutritional microscopy, biological medicine study, dental/gingival sampling, soil fertility, motility studies & more.

You’ll find the Biomedx dark field microscope for gingival and/or live blood analysis (a sometimes CLIA regulated laboratory procedure done in a dark room for diagnostic purpose) right at home for finding Treponema pallidum, T. denticola and myriad other spirochete microorganisms.


Biomedx is an Olympus VAR/OEM and we take pride in providing one of the finest upgraded & custom HD video microscope systems available for cross use application.

Whether you need the finest darkfield microscope, phase contrast microscope, brightfield or simple 3D relief contrast offering super flexibility and the highest imaging quality using oil or non-oil objectives, our systems have you covered.  

Our main area of focus offering unparalleled support is to health care practitioners using microscopy in their operations for either clinical application or education and health advocacy.

That said, we support all individuals looking to put the best microscopes for their money into use and you will find our systems at trade schools, university settings, fertility labs, farming operations and more.

Below are some early video commercials that we did with our systems that used standard definition cameras. You might be impressed to see what our systems are capable of doing using even these early model TV cameras. Today, it’s all HD.

CLIA - Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (Act of 1988) wherein the U.S. Congress in an effort to guard the public purse, created an Act and tasked the administrative health arm of the federal government to regulate laboratories that were submitting reports back to the federal government for reimbursement of public funds through government insurance (Medicare/Medicaid).

The same microscope used outside of CLIA provisioned laboratory work is equally wonderful for exploring all manner of the microscopic world not only in darkfield, but also phase contrast microscopy (which some refer to as light phase or grayfield microscope work) for investigative Lyme spriochete research, live blood and dry layer education, soil studies and more.

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