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What Environmental Biotics are About...


At the microscopic level, indoor spaces are full of air and surface contaminates that can cause or exacerbate allergies, asthma, sinus and lung issues, headaches, fatigue, the quicker transfer of cold and flu bugs and so much more. In fact, being inside contained environments can subject you to 5 times more contaminates than being outside.

Environmental Biotics are the good guys of the microscopic bacterial realm that surrounds you that push out the bad guys and can change the inside air and surface areas to a much healthier condition.

They are ideal for any place you call home or work to make it safer and healthier so you breath better longer.

In addition, they are an unparalleled environmental health supplement to help protect the occupants of clinics, hospitals, and schools from picking up the type of bad bugs that no one wants to suffer.

And you can include animal occupants in farm barns to help keep them healthier as well.

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