Founder’s Blog

By Steven Charles. Steve writes the newsletters that disseminate from here. Sometimes informative, sometimes amusing, usually never boring. His writing reflects the spirit of Biomedx and you’ll find out-takes from the past years here and an occasional blog about something extra every now and then.

The Unregistered Nurse

By Linda Sereika. Once this highly trained nurse discovered there was far more to helping people be healthy than what she was doing being a little cog in a very big dysfunctional wheel - she unregistered herself and became the UNRN. Today she’s teaching others a new way to a health system that is the future, where health doesn’t have to be complicated.

Staff Speak

By Nancy Stewart. It’s hard to keep a good staff down. And they’ve always got something to say. Nancy has worked for more complementary & alt med docs in the Chicago area than probably anyone. Look for an occasional blog here about this, that, or the other thing of interest in the field.

And occasionally you may also find guest posts, interesting videos, pictures for comment or other items we think interesting.  

Guest Posts, Videos, Pics…

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