Biological Terrain Equipment Review

Very simple. But it can sharpen the results of your health care endeavors.

A basic precept of natural health care embraced for centuries is that disease and ill health generally manifest when core homeostatic control mechanisms are out of balance. It has been the role of the compassionate health care practitioner to bring the best knowledge of the past to a current practical use. The collection of simple tools illustrated here help this process by letting the specialist quickly sort through some of the most dynamic and easy to obtain biophysical and biological terrain parameters that have yet been defined.

VINCENT'S classic BEV or BioElectronic Vincent (from the work of Professor Louis-Claude Vincent) assesses the life energy balance and the internal "milieu" with the quantitative measurements of pH, rH2, and resistivity of a given fluid. When applied to fluids of a living body, it has sometimes been referred to as BTA, BCATM, QFATM, (Biological Terrain Analysis, BioCellular AnalysisTM , Quantitative Fluid AnalysisTM) by various manufacturers. Vincent would say it helps define the "body electric".

Of the simple items shown above you’ll note two independent pocket style ion testers that are extremely fast and efficient to use. They require just a few drops of a specimen to get a reading. The two meters acquire the values of pH & conductivity. These readings together with others along with some simple calculation and a trained perspective provides the core of Vincent’s thought process for understanding the internal “millieu”. The tools shown here offer huge cost savings for frugal individuals or clinics that want this information without a big expense.

REAMS testing is equally adept at defining life system balance. It was Dr. Carey Reams who evolved a method for defining imbalance in humans via soil analysis as used in organic farming. And why not?  We are made from the dirt of the earth. We have always felt that there was some vital information missing from the standard BTA style tests. Reams soil work is a tremendous compliment in a thought process that offers deeper insights to health and wellness. On the flip side, Reams testers can get a boost to their skill set when they adopt some of the concepts of Vincent as well.  

REVICI'S anabolic and catabolic measurements target the natural diphasic rhythms of life. It was the lifelong research of the towering medical genius Dr. Emanuel Revici, MD, that brought an incredible depth of understanding and practical application to the power of lipid interplay at the cellular level. Emanuel Revici gave us tools and methods to define fatty acid/sterol balance and related anabolic/catabolic states. This is hugely significant and clinically one of the most powerful things you can know.

Vincent, Reams, Revici  - independent methodologies when taken alone are very powerful tools for wellness. But taken together, each clarifies and further refines the other so a trained specialist can quickly target primary interference patterns and get down to what matters most in "the clients health."

There are other health giants and modalities addressed in the flow process using the basic tools above, but suffice to say, when merged together it takes pieces of the health puzzle that so often have eluded even the best students of health and pulls it all together.

The Biomedx Flow Systems concept

takes the understanding of biophysics to a new level.

Health & wellness can now be specifically defined, measured, and managed.

On-Target Data. Working in a logical construct, information gleaned from the tools are graphically organized into a hierarchal format for easy recognition and to render a quick visual expression of the core homeostatic control mechanisms of the body. This quickly leads to on-target client assistance and is an educational tool itself for expanding their understanding of health.

Well organized in-depth training information succinctly puts biological terrain concepts and Flow Systems Auditing into perspective.


To thoroughly train yourself and/or staff, you can participate in dynamic 3 day workshop intensives to kickstart your way into this work.

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pH. Hydrogen, the most ubiquitous element, is something you need to accurately determine in your client. Here is a pH meter that measures small quantities of urine and saliva and reads to the 100th decimal point.

Conductivity. T.C. McDaniel built an entire cardiovascular/renal practice with one key tool - the conductivity meter. In TC’s day it was a big honking meter and probe. Today it fits in your pocket and easily measures urine and saliva with great accuracy.

Refractometer. Carey Reams taught how to use this tool to test the fruits & veggies - he also showed how to use it for urine and apply new ways of thinking to the measure.

Dipsticks. The standard urine dipstick. So basic, yet information so essential to ascertaining a spectrum of issues that may need to be addressed.

Vitamin C Test. It’s the glue that holds cells together. It has to be kept up, especially when you are working to correct certain issues. Know when it’s not enough, or potentially too much as Vitamin C becomes an oxidant at high levels. This is something you will also be selling to your clients so they can manage their own C needs & levels.

Blood Typing. Dietary lectins can cause issues - more so in certain people than in others. Blood type is necessary to know and appropriately act on.

A kitchen timer? Yes. Do you know what your client’s resting breath rate is? Breath hold? Breath CP/control pause? Normal breath rate is about 14 bpm. If a client is well below this or above it means things. Too short a CP? It’s not good.

Blood pressure. Clinostatic, orthostatic. Pulse series measures. Helps define how system electrolytes are acting on physiology, how the autonomic nervous system is reacting. Some of the most important measures you can make and understand.

These are a few of the tools utilized in flow systems auditing. Putting it all together we get….

Flow Data Sheet Sample

Primer on
Flow Systems Auditing

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