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If you’re thinking this looks pretty basic, like a few simple tools for water and soil testing, some reagent strips, a BP cuff, a blood type kit and some peripheral items, you’re right. Now, imagine the possibilities of obtaining such information from humans in an entirely new light - that of water and soil science. And why not? We are made from the dust of the earth and beyond that, we’re all water!

The human body is a miracle in operation that reflects many events happening at many levels which incorporates known (and unknown) principles of chemistry, biology, physics, electronics, magnetism and more. Understanding these principles and their extended application to human health is paramount to begin to put the picture of wellness in complete focus.  

The items you see here, properly used, allow an individual to obtain certain feedback on key markers that reflect homeostatic balance in the human body. This feedback can then be turned into actionable information. It is sequenced in such a way that it hones wellness management and provides the understanding required to fast track a turn around in health. It applies common sense principles that unfortunately in today’s health care environment are not too common.    

You have likely heard the saying “doctor, heal thyself”, but this assumes the doctor knows HOW. Too often they don’t — not due to a lack of “smarts” — but due to a lack of information. Also information mis-management and often times blind acceptance of dis-information. It is this information problem that is the Achilles heel of modern medicine.

Many practitioners recognize problems inherent within their own “healthcare” practice as they continue to see inadequate results with their patients, or they can’t figure their patients out, or they themselves are sick and tired of seeing their patients sick and tired and not knowing what to do beyond writing another prescription. It does not have to be that way.  

This work can be defined in various ways but it really has to do with information management in the area of biophysics. The body is a web of activity enmeshed in operating principles whose core understanding rests in a biophysical reality - a reality which is an amalgam of the basic sciences that can be applied to understanding human health.

Medicine today fails to find cures for cancer, fails at understanding heart disease, fails at fighting obesity, fails at conquering auto-immune problems, fails at so much that accounts for the quality of life in health. These failures are not the result of science failing medicine, but medicine failing science.

The body in a physical sense is a flow system. There are three fluid compartments which are the blood, the interstitial and the intercellular. These three compartments are separated by membranes. Understanding the dynamics of fluid flow, the terrain of the compartments, the makeup and activity of the membrane, is all about understanding the physics of flow systems. Understanding this leads to a deeper understanding of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and so much more that is plaguing healthcare today. Further, it leads one to scientifically based answers to the most vexing questions about “what is health”. With these deeper insights imparted to individuals through proactive health advocacy, people are better able to choose more appropriate directions for their wellness. They become proactive with their health care provider in helping them reverse many so called “disease” entities in a fast, practical and realistic manner.

To some healthcare practitioners who have only been exposed to a fragmented view of what health is, this may seem inconceivable. But yet many of these same practitioners are continually searching for answers to their patients problems desperate to find help beyond an often drug-based cookbook approach which is palliative at best, harmful at worst. The answers are out there and science holds the key. Flow Systems Auditing is an educational pivot and a bridge to get to it.

Many practitioners tell us they currently do some form of “terrain” testing or auditing in their clinic. The most common is obtaining urine and saliva pH values. pH is important and individuals have written books about the miracles that can occur by checking pH and “alkalizing” the diet. But where there are pH miracles there are also pH deceptions. pH is a number that moves based upon other events further up the biochemical/electrical ladder. Flow Systems Auditing views other parameters that have far greater significance then pH alone and in many cases are the causative factors behind pH behavior. And that is crucially important information to have.

Flow Systems Auditing is not a diagnostic tool, it is a set of educational feedback tools and processes for understanding the biophysical nature of human health.

The bottom line is this; if one understands HOW an unhealthy condition arrived, one can understand HOW to reverse the unhealthy condition.

Let Flow Systems Auditing and these simple tools be the path to accelerate your understanding of biophysics taking your client’s to new levels of wellness in the process.  

Biological Terrain System Overview

It doesn’t have to be complicated…

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Flow Systems Auditing

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