Utilizing the genius of individuals like Prof. Louis-Claude Vincent, Dr. Carey Reams, Emanuel Revici, MD, Wilhelm Schüssler, MD, Thomas Riddick, George Watson and others.

At Biomedx we imagined these very things.

The result was a confluence of the best that water and soil science has to offer for outstanding biological research and education.

Auditing Tools for BioEducation

Advancing Biological Terrain Concepts

Viewing blood under the microscope gives an education on the qualitative perspective of an individuals underlying biology. It’s a reflection of the internal “biological terrain” of one very important fluid compartment. But behind the microscope picture lies numbers that can quantify the nature of the picture and point the individual or practitioner in a direction to examine the primary homeostatic balance points affecting health. For practitioners this is the next step for spot-on clinical clarity and client education.

If you want to take your microscope work to the next level, or if you are without a microscopic and you want to understand the power of applied physiology, this is it.

If you want clinical clarity regardless of your current approach to acquire this, you are in the right place.

Merging the best of the greatest scientific minds and their clinical methodologies into one coherent system for health care management.

Sequencing the best of their strategies into a hierarchal structure that logically points you to the most important concerns, balance points, and interference patterns causing problems in fluid dynamics.

Primer on
Flow Systems Auditing

ToolSet Flyer

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