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Home of Oracosaurus Bioraculous

(Species of Dinosaurus Vegetabulous)

And the super-nutrition fantastical tasting green drink that's not just miraculous, it's...   


This is our friendly dino mascot whose picture appears on every label of Bioraculous. Can you find him?
Some children call this the dinosaur drink.
Moms call it amazing not just for their children, but for themselves, dads and aging parents as well because it truly is amazing what happens with one’s health when high level nutrition gets in.

It's the Green Food Even Children Love to Drink!

Why this Green Drink over Brand X?

Gluten & Dairy Free.

No Acidophilus (which can make negative forms of d-lactic acid which you do not want in your diet.)

No highly oxidative and age inducing fatty acids from things like flax, fish oils, seeds and nuts.

Yttrium processing probiotics—the stop codon nutrient for genes where neurology and brain function is concerned.

Incredibly fantastic taste.

Get more of the story -
read the white paper.

Open a window into a new world of super nutrition.


During the Joracsic dinosaur period, this fellow was actually referred to as an ORAC- Ogre Reactive to Antsy Children.

He had particular issues with children who would stare him down and get pouty faced and whimper and whine and throw tantrums refusing to eat their spinach and beets.

Fortunately the amazing taste of Bioraculous changed all that as children now get super nutrition for their bodies and brains without so much as a curled lip - instead they smile and are happy as they reach for the green dinosaur drink.

The ogre has now taken up painting and is much more calm, much like moms that have discovered the wonderful benefits of Bioraculous for their children - and themselves!

ORAC means Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It is a scientific measure of the overall power of a food to squelch free radical activity.

Free Radicals are molecules that are missing electrons. They are radical in their behavior as they seek to snatch other electrons from where ever they can.  

Molecules of material make up every cell in the body. Free radicals adversely affect human cells. Keeping cellular integrity intact is a fundamental element for good health.

USDA research suggests 3000-5000 ORAC units each day as a beneficial level of consumption. Bioraculous was formulated specifically for an ORAC value of 5000 units in every serving to conquer the ORAC nutrition doctors recommend in 5 to 9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables! 


Healthy is as healthy does.  

Consuming high ORAC value food everyday helps fight free radicals, helps fight aging processes, helps support brain function.


What about YOU?

Going to watch the clock tick away?

Put a wrinkle in father time, instead of your face.

Get your greens,

get your nutrition,

put some ORAC anti-aging

super power into your life.

And about nutrition and your children -  what can possibly be more important?

Need we say more….

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