Special Programs

From time to time throughout the year the Biotorium hosts outside speakers and trainers to present relevant topics in their area of expertise which resonates with our own programs and educational objectives.

Workshops on HemoBiographic blood and isopathic remedies in practice, using multi-step oxygen therapy for near instant cell respiration resuscitation, going deeper into soil/water and flow analytics, and others are among those already done or planned as class events for the future.

The key way to learn of these programs is to be on our news/notification list. Sign up above under “FREE SIGN UP” to get on this list and be in the know.  






Full Class Agenda

Workshop Flyer

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Read what people say about our workshop.

What People Say

See & hear what people say about our workshop.

See People Say

Many years later, what people still think about the Biomedx workshop…

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