Over the years we have heard a lot of people bemoan the fact that they felt they wasted money - in some cases a lot of money - going to certain health oriented workshops that were unorganized, lacking in significant information, presented questionable material, or appeared to be a venue for alternate agendas. Well, we don't EVER want that to be the case with a Biomedx program.

Though we've been doing workshops since 1995 and consistently get rave reviews, it is possible someone at some time won't like what we do. Maybe that will be you. So here's the guarantee; should you come to one of our workshops and are at all dissatisfied with the progression of the program, the handout material, the presenter, or whatever by the time the dinner break arrives on day two, you can turn in all of your workshop material and receive a 100% refund of the class tuition.

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Workshop Flyer

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Read what people say about our workshop.

What People Say

See & hear what people say about our workshop.

See People Say

Many years later, what people still think about the Biomedx workshop…

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