BioEducation & Flow Auditing Toolsets

Class Agenda for Core Health
Foundations Workshop

Training Flyer

The Datasheet. One of the things you will learn how to use and apply at the core foundations workshop.

HemoBiographic Analysis Workshop

LAQUA PH & Conductivity
Meter Brochure

pH Meter Calibration

Making Measurements

Cleaning the Meter

LAQUA pH Meter Manual

LAQUA Conductivity Meter Manual

LAQUA Meter Quick Quide


Microscope Sales Catalog

Microscope Sales Brochure

Scientific Validations for the Use of Microscope Systems in Health Advocacy for Client Education

Microscope Equipment Manual

Microscope Video Overviews
Part 1, 2, 3 overview
Universal condenser setup
Darkfield condenser setup
Using oil objectives
Adjusting phase contrast
Getting live blood slide sample

(Note that systems shown in this video set use older standard definition video cameras. Current systems are HD.)

HD Camera Setup & Operation

Getting Your Camera Output to a Computer

Troubleshooting System Issues

Microscope Warranty

Microscope Video Tutorials Scope Cam to Computer Scope Trouble Shooting LAQUA-pH-cal

Access to Special Guides

LAQUA-making-measures LAQUA-meter-cleaning


BEV Set Manual

BEV Manual for LCD Display

BEV Manual for red LED display

Click on the item you’ve purchased and input the user name and password you received with your equipment to access your files.

Laqua pH Meter

Laqua Conductivity Meter

Dual Scale Refractometer  

Blood Pressure Monitor w/SpO2

Blood Cell Counter

Sprout Centrifuge

Flow Data Sheet Sample

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