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The Next Generation in Health Advocacy Software

Working with Our Channel Partners…

We have teamed with EndoBalanceTM to bring out the next generation Biomedx software toolset. This is being designed to help the Practitioner Health Advocate whether they be a health coach, teacher, licensed practitioner, fitness instructor, dietician, nutritionist, or other health and wellness professional.

The core of the Biomedx module in the EndoBalanceTM Platform will accept diverse information gleaned from measures of quantitative data which might be derived from various BioTools along with qualitative data from blood microscopy auditing.

That information along with targeted questionnaires - auto-magically through the program - will deliver the specifics that that individual needs to be healthy.

Bottom line: If the client is healthy, they can’t be sick.

Healthy is as healthy does and this program shows an individual exactly how to accomplish that for their specific biological individuality.

We are working to have this out
sometime in Spring 2015.

What is Flow Systems Auditing?

Flow Systems Auditing is a wellness education process derived from an engineering perspective that observes physiological response using easily measured and viewed parameters of urine, saliva, blood, blood pressure, pulse, and more.

The results observed are framed with respect to feedback control theory as it relates to human homeostasis.

While traditional health care typically attempts to do clinical testing, analysis and assessment for the ultimate treatment of symptoms, conditions and disease,  Flow Systems Auditing does none of that.

Instead, it takes a diametrically opposed position neither assessing nor suggesting treatment for any health or medical condition but concentrating instead on biological balance, homeostasis, adaptive capacity and regeneration.

Flow Auditing looks at the physio-chemico-mechanics of the environment -  the “terrain” inside and outside of an individual’s existence.

From there, it applies the core sciences of chemistry, biochemistry, biology, physiology, physics, electronics and more in a practical way whereby a client can be “tuned” with proper nutrition, habits and lifestyle to experience optimal adaptive capacity.

In this state, what may have been seen as health problems, i.e. symptoms, conditions and disease, often become a thing of the past.

While politics, medicine, and regulatory schemes keep what is called health care and its co-dependent insurance mess in a dysfunctional state, independent minded practitioners, wellness educators, lifestyle coaches and more, can step beyond the dysfunction into a new way of helping clients gain dynamic health which is verifiable and can be validated through measurement and applied science.

It is smart. Very smart. And fun. Flow Systems Auditing shows the way to take textbook science and make it come alive through practical application. For many individuals that have gone forward to study and apply the process, it has been a minor revolution in their thinking.

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