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Structured Learning

As Individuals, research has shown that we all process information with emphasis in one of three key areas - visual, auditory, kinesthetic. For predominantly visually oriented people, pictures, words, charts and graphs, are most important to giving understanding. For auditory folks, hearing about something is important to retain the learning. And for others, the need to feel the process and have a real hands on experience is the key.

Aware of how people learn, our training blends a mix of classroom time and multimedia with strong overhead transparency and video support for folks that need to see it, an instructor aware of what he says and how he says it for folks that need to hear it, and plenty of hands on time for folks that need to experience it.

OUR OBJECTIVE: To take you from beginning through advanced levels of live blood and dry layer perspectives within the three days, to impart a solid understanding of biological terrain, and  to give you (or staff) the competency

Training material you receive.

A lot of care and detail has gone into designing the course work and developing our training material.

When you take our training program you receive our pre-training workbook "
How You Rot & Rust - Secrets of Aging and Disease as Uncovered Through Video Blood Microscopy"

You get a large three ring binder with ten very specific sections, available only to workshop participants, some of which include:

Understanding Live Blood Under the Microscope" A review of most everything you're likely to encounter in live blood with high resolution pictures, the standard hematology perspective, the more advanced biological perspective, and a traditional medical perspective with suggested diagnostic tests for further confirmation of suspected findings.

Understanding the Dry Layer Blood Test"  A color picture tutorial of the 30+ findings you are likely to see on a Dry Layer Oxidative Stress Test.

pH testing and Biological Terrain"  pH, redox and resistivity of blood, urine and saliva are parameters that can be audited to determine where the internal milieu may be askew. Until such time as you acquire the requisite knowledge in this area and begin to use additional appropriate equipment and methodologies, your knowledge of how to read blood and simple saliva and urine pH tests and challenges will give important and valuable insights into biological individuality.

Resource Section" Great professional articles and other seminar notes collected over the years that relate to this work.

Legal Guidelines" It didn't take too long after the ink dried on the Constitution for the United States for the federal and state governments to begin to ignore healthcare freedoms for both individuals and practitioners. Because of this fact, it is paramount that you NOT ignore this area. Your 9th amendment rights, construction of consent and disclosure forms, working in a private capacity and not with the general public, protecting your license, CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment), OSHA.

Live Blood and Dry Layer Scorecard" This was one of the first tools I created after I started to learn this work to help me remember what I was seeing, it has since been copied and passed around far and wide. Fortunately, you'll get the latest and "corrected" copies.


Day One

6 hrs - Rot & Rust Workshop - The foundation for understanding biological terrain and health in the human body.  Within a structured framework, these are some of the topics covered:

The pH Regulatory System of the Body Digestion and pH Blood the River of Life The Biology of Disease Oxidative Mechanisms Understanding the Application of Zeta Potential  The Lymphatic System Subtle energy; new frontiers for medicine. Probiotics and Colon Health Antioxidants and Free Radicals The Enzyme Connection The Vitamin/Mineral Connection Nutritional Products for Healing Functional Medicine - Homeopathy/Isopathy.

In this section we also introduce and sort through the current state of science and testing that has seemingly debunked the theories of Enderlein, Naessens, and other darkfield researchers of old that have held to extended pleomorphic theories of pathology development. This can be critically important for individuals that have prior notions of what this work is about.

Ultimately, this program culminates in a solid understanding of how health in the physical body is spiritually/vibrationally induced, chemically/electrically driven, and biologically carried out.

(This is the pre-workshop to the microscope training and covers the basics which we all need to be familiar for doing this work. It also becomes a program you can conduct with your own microscope for client education/generation. This workshop is typically given the afternoon/evening prior to the first full day of training.)

3.5 hrs - Lab. Microscope basics, set-up, adjustment, operational modes; brightfield/phase contrast/darkfield. Hands-on techniques for live-blood slide preparation, looking at blood, playing with microscopes.

Day Two

4 hrs - Live blood identification. Red cells, White cells, T cells, B cells, parasites, monocytes, etc.  The allopathic/nutritional perspective. The biological theories of disease. Causes of what you see, signs and implications of what you see. We expand the picture to understanding the lipid influenced formations in blood that are under the influence of zeta potential - the colloid connection - one of the ultimate determiners of events you see in living blood. 

2 hrs - Workbook review, interfacing with clients, weaving stories about the pictures, extending the tool to other dimensions of health, working with consciousness though behavioral applications with the microscope through blood viewing and reaching conscious/unconscious states, holographic patterning, using data intake forms, scorecards, deriving protocols for conditions, prescription for nutritional healing.

1 hr - Lab. Hands on with the microscope.

2 hr Legal issues of nutritional counseling/alternative practice. Matters at the state level/federal level. Awareness of CLIA - Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment. OSHA - blood born pathogens. The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights - the forgotten 9th amendment. Contract law - consent/disclosure/disclaimer, working privately and not with the public. Some people have said that this section alone was worth the price of  admission.

1.5 hr - Lab. Hands on with the microscope.

Day Three

2 hr Using the dry layer blood test to ascertain overall free radical stresses in the body, degenerative disease indications, colon health, lymphatic congestion, heavy metal markers, and more. Blood slide preparation, technique. Theory behind the test. It's use in practice. Using the dry layer scorecard.

1.5 hr - Lab.

1 hr Quantitative analysis. Where the microscope gives you the visual perspective of the internal environment and lets you know
how the environment looks, obtaining numbers from blood pressure, pulses, breath rates, breath holds, pH, conductivity, and more tell you why. This is a further introduction to the concepts and realities behind biological terrain. You will learn simple pH testing procedures to quantify your patient/client's health status as well as be introduced to the biological terrain and bio-energetic testing procedures. Our philosophy is to accomplish this testing with specific low cost equipment, reagents, knowledge etc. 

The clinic training program is very thorough and moves from the critically important foundational beginnings right on through advanced levels in biological concepts. Due to it's structured, layered nature, we pack it all into three days. In reality, when you embark on this work, the learning never ends. However, this particular program has been set up to give you such a solid foundation in this work that you will have the basis to take it as far as you want to go.

Upon completion of the program you get this nice numbered certificate suitable for framing and hanging on your wall.  (Of course, anyone can make a certificate or start their own "board certification" process in anything. Does that mean it's valid? Ultimately the bottom line rests in you, not what hangs on the wall.) But we give you a certificate anyway.

Training Program Cost

Training is $995 per person. Programs are held 15 minutes from Chicago O'hare airport for easy worldwide access. When groups of 6 or more individuals want a program in a given area, we will ship our program and training scopes to you. (Approximate cost is $1750 per person--continental USA only.)

Training Packages

Training is often taken in conjunction with the purchase of a microscope. Certain packaged lease options exist when this is done. You'll have to call the office for specifics if you're inclined to lease. Many individuals take the Biomedx training who have been previously trained from other sources. These individuals want to expand their knowledge or learn of aspects of this work that may have been missing in their original training. All are welcome.

Training Comments

We consistently hear great things from people that take our training, things like...

"This is the best training I've had since I left medical school",

"I've taken three microscope training programs. Two from companies in California and one in the U.K. Yours is by far the most cogent and logical approach to this work."

"When I took that other program from company x, at the end of it we filled out a critique of the program. I needed three pages. I can't think of anything to say to change your program. It was excellent."

About the law section...

"I thought the law part of this program was going to be boring but it was incredibly interesting, really eye-opening. We all need to learn this."

About the value...

"I go to a lot of programs and feel like I just wasted a lot of money, but not this time. This is the best I've ever done."

"You don't charge enough for your program."

Sometimes we hear from people that just have more money then they know what to do with...

"I can't believe I spent $7,000 to have me and my wife trained for 5 days by this guy out in Utah, and we didn't even learn some of the basic things you've shown us. I'm upset."

"I went to California and spent 10 grand for the xxx 6 day workshop, it was a joke. 2 hours for lunch, 2 1/2 hours for dinner and it's all yak yak yak while this guy is trying to sell us into another one of his programs. Then he's asking me to buy these 2 posters he has and I told him for 10 grand you can give me the damn things. After I bought his microscope for another $6400+, I learned I paid more than the actual market retail price."

And something we never tire of hearing...

"The light bulbs are going off in my head."

"Excellent,  awesome, I'm brain dead."

Well we don't want to kill any brain cells, but we do want to pack an enormous amount of  information into our program which you can use on many levels.  Our intent is lay a very solid foundation for this work, not a superficial overview filled with half truths designed so you can sell company products. 

WARNING: There was one individual we trained a while back that actually copied every bit of our material and started his own trainings (quietly targeted to his multi-level marketing company products). We sent him a cease and desist letter asking him to stop using our material which he said he would but he is still out there training (hopefully with his own material). If you want the original and continually updated Biomedx training, come to us direct.

Biomedx Training Bonuses

Besides getting a very high value in return for your money, we give you some invaluable extras not found in any other microscope training program;

  1. Concepts in law that you can put to use at the end of the program to help protect your private health care services,
  2. Permission to copy and use segments of our program for your own client/patient trainings so you don't have to "reinvent the wheel",
  3. A private access code to a special section of our website reserved exclusively for students that contain numerous important items to this work that could cost hundreds of hours of time to assemble on your own, but it's yours free for participating in our program.

Come to a Biomedx training for first rate knowledge, quality, value, and support.


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