Here is a sampling of individual components and respective prices. We think you will find true value in our pricing structure which also comes with our point specific knowledge in this area of work. Buying a Biomedx microscope system doesn’t just get you a superior microscope, it also gets you access to experts in the field of CAM (complimentary and alternative medicine) that know how to use the technology with respect to understanding applied physiology and using these tools to accelerate a wellness practice.

Important note: we are sticklers for high quality imaging and solid mechanics in the tools we use. These are NOT no-name/many named Chinese manufactured imports which have flooded the market the last few years or jerry rigged systems from an assortment of 2nd tier sellers. We prefer superior Olympus branded components as an OEM/VAR and the use of goods made in the USA when we can get them that meet our specific requirements.

All of our objectives are superior Olympus Infinity corrected optics.

Note that any phase objective can also be used for bright field applications or for dark field when 40x or less.

2x plan brightfield $518

4x plan brightfield $83

10x plan brightfield $140

20x plan phase $357

40x plan phase $473

100x plan oil phase $702

100x plan oil iris darkfield $751

100x plan apo oil iris darkfield $5500

50x plan oil iris darkfield $1051

Many more objectives available.

High-definition camcorders with zooming features set up with wireless memory chips for automatic camera to computer download of captured images.

Price varies depending upon model and price at time of purchase.


Computer options.

These prices change continually.

Component Review

Sony dye sublimation

color printer $1295

Video Color Cameras

Older standard definition:

NTSC Medical micro-head $400

PAL Medical micro-head $400

3 chip 850 line color $2995

Legacy Items

Optical zoom system $1595

A superior choice over zooms which simply move the video camera up an down over a projection lens. These are primarily used for standard definition video cameras.   

150 watt quartz halogen fiber optic light source.

$380 for 120v countries.

$425 for 220v countries.

(250 watt quartz halogen lighting also available.)

LED Super Array (never change a lamp) $540.

Custom fiber optic cable $200

(used to retrofit microscopes or as a direct lead into the darkfield condenser as shown here. This will adapt most any scope to high level dark field.)

Dark field condenser. Same component as used for “Ultra” dark field applications when used with the fiber cable shown above.


5 position universal turret condenser, die cast metal, 2x wide field lens adapter, centering telescope


Abbe condenser for brightfield - condenser is item shown at top center of this picture,


Component page: microscopes used for nutritional microscopy, ie. live blood cell analysis as well as other modalities.

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Report: Scientific Basis of Using a Microscope for Health Advocacy

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