You are encouraged to call our office to spec a system that meets your requirements and budget. If you qualify, a lease is an option.

You will note sample lease rates below. If you lease a system you can often get the higher performance items and upgrades at small additional charge prorated over the lease term. This is an easy way to get everything you want in your perfect system.

If your credit is good, leasing may make sense.

Example lease factors, $1 buyout at end of term:

12 months .08984
24 months .04820

36 months .03438

48 months .02798

60 months .02398

Take the total purchase price of the system you want and multiply it by one of the above numbers to find out a ballpark figure of how much your monthly lease payment will be for the specified time.

Credit approval determines final pricing. Personal Guaranty of Lease is required by 100% of ownership. Sales tax not included and will be added to the lease payment. Two advance payments and one-time administrative fee due at lease signing.

Biomedx does not hold or present the lease, this is handled by outside commercial lease companies. We can provide these contacts in the states and Canada.


Lease a Microscope System

Leasing a microscope for live blood cell analysis dental screening soil microbiology viewing and more.

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