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What's up at the Shop - News on Explore!

26 September, 2013 | Founder's Blog

I want to mention that Biomedx now stocks specific Vitamin C test strips. Where our basic Vitamin C liquid reagent needs to be refrigerated and will dissipate over time, the new strips do not have that issue.

Plus, they have the advantage of categorizing the level of need through a 5 level color chart, and you can sell this directly to your client to test themselves and they can know when they have too little Vitamin C intake, or conversely when they have excessive intake.

Vitamin C has been called by some one of the most abused vitamins. It is antagonistic to copper, has the power of an oxidant, is contraindicated for the glucogenic/tricarb (fast oxidizer).

It can certainly be an issue where too much of a good thing is really too much, and too little just the same. Now you can know with the test strips and sell them to your clients as well. A 50 pack of test strips in a can with color chart retails for $13.40 to your client, a clinic 10 pack to you is $67.

Find them in our store.

Let’s talk about EXPLORE! 

EXPLORE! for the Professional and Health Conscious Consumer

Some of you may be familiar with this magazine. For over 2 decades this was the magazine - the only magazine - that really delved into the alternative health arena on the biological medicine front along with so much more. Then it simply stopped being published.

Well, Biomedx has been lending some assistance to the new publisher to bring this magazine back to life. This is very exciting because there has been no magazine for our profession like Explore!

Explore! was a printed, peer-review journal. It has now been meticulously restored and digitized and access is being offered so you will be able to engage its full, 23 year archive of more than 2000 health articles by more than 100 of the most dedicated and often brilliant health practitioners of this, or any other time.

The illnesses Explore! shed new light on for tens of thousands of people, is astounding:

Heart Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Liver Disease
Electromagnetic Pollution
Hormone Imbalances
Stroke, and many more!

The life-changing, and saving, therapies it has brought to the west, in some cases for the very first time:

Neural Therapy
Isopathic Therapy
Stem Cell Therapy
Hyperbaric Therapy
Energy Medicine
Biological Dentistry
Live and Dry Blood Microscopy
German Darkfield Microscopy
Cancer Therapies, and many more!

If I could ask every single medical and health practitioner and serious fan and student of healthy living to do one single thing to better their education in this area, it would be to become a member of the Explore! community.

Give yourself access to the archives and have at your disposal an abundance of golden nuggets to help you in life and with your practice. Past authors are being contacted to update articles with new on-line video addendums, plus an exciting interactive platform and more is being planned to include live events and educational programs for the community.

Absolutely, if you are into this work you will want to be involved.

The new Explore! project is at

The alternative health community has always been fragmented and very individualistic. The Rx community on the other hand has always been very focused and very much group oriented and controlling. And where is the money they make going? To ever more control, and the running of governments to boot.

It’s time we individualists take action and get focused as a group.

The new Explore! 2.0 is one way we with like mind can all come together to potentially make an impact. So where does it start? With a platform and you. 

Click the link above and check it out. Join and engage. 


Not much support was engendered for the Explore! 2.0 project. We'll have to hope and see where it goes for the future.

Currently the old magazine archive is being put up as a member benefit for NAHWA - the Native American Health & Wellness Association. See for that.