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Live Blood Microscopy and More - Workshop June 25 - 28, 2015

22 April, 2015 | Founder's Blog

A Biomedx Microscope & Health Foundations Workshop has been put on the calendar for June 25 -28. This is Thursday, Friday, Saturday with a Sunday half-day option.

This is 40 actual contact hours over 3 ½ days. Intense, but incredibly fun as well.

It will be at the Biomedx Biotorium, 2 miles north of Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Cost is $1295 for 3 days, $1495 for the full program.

See the page HERE for full details and registration information.

I've been pondering how best to phrase the totality of what the Biomedx course is about and I came up with:

It’s a magical marathon of mirth and learning the modes and methods of microscopes, meters & measures to meticulously move mere mortals to understand mighty health miracles minus the murky medical myths that make men mad and muster their morphology a muddled mess.

Obviously I'm stuck under M in the dictionary. See Rich Man, Poor Man, Best Blood blog for the whole story on that.