Learn to command these tools & more for a form of health advocacy a growing constituency desperately wants to know;
how to be healthy.

Training Workshops

Our Training Facility

Tools for Exploration & Leading Edge Practitioner Health Advocates.


DARKFIELD and PHASE CONTRAST HD Video microscopes appropriate for live blood analysis, biological study, dental/gingival sampling, soil fertility, motility studies & more.

Microscope Systems

How to use pH meters, conductivity meters, refractometers and more. See where applied physiology and biochemistry meet the epigenetic perspective.


BioTools Training

USDA research done at Tufts University suggests people need sufficient fruits & veggies to get 3000 ORAC value (oxidation reducing) units in their diet every day.

Few do.

Bioraculous is a new class of superfood with specifically targeted nutrition to meet these daily needs & much more.



It’s not just Miraculous, it’s …


A Biomedx side project to make the world’s best green drink at best value and get nutrition to children in a way they will actually consume. It has an incredible non-swamp water taste with so many positive health benefits adults have become the biggest consumers for its brain food and anti-aging aspects.

Start a new career or take your existing health care practice to higher levels with technologies that excite your clients, employees, & even your family; because they work.

Engage Dynamic Tools & Training for Effective Health Advocacy.

Want to Move to the Forefront of the Wellness Revolution?

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Hands-on Education for:

Clinical application;

Health advocacy through employee wellness or health coach programs;

A new health business enterprise;

Reinvigorating an old practice;

Simply for yourself and family.

Below are some health tutorials which provide a brief look at some of what is covered at a hands-on workshop.

The flow of life moves with the flow of electrons and in the body electric, high zeta potential is key to cardiovascular health.

Yep, urine for a surprise. Unknown to many, urine can actually be utilized as the body's own medicine.


Urine Therapy

Story of Zeta Potential Urine Therapy

Physiological rotting and rusting mechanisms lie behind the aging and disease process of the body. Understand it and you can fix it.

How You Rot & Rust Tutorial

Standard urine dipsticks and Vitamin C dipsticks are simple tools everyone should know and use to monitor health.

Urine Dipsticks

Do the Dip - Urine Dipsticks

Measuring Conductivity

Your Body Electric - Conductivity

There is a genetic connection between your blood type, the food you eat, and the state of your health.

Blood Typing

Your Body Genetic - Blood Type

A given fruit or vegetable can provide vastly different levels of nutrition. Organic labels will NOT clue you in. Here’s what will.  

Measuring Food

Your Food - Measuring Value

Explore what pH means to body processes, learn how to measure it, and how to move your own pH to better levels.

Measuring Body pH

Your Body Elemental - pH

T.C. McDaniel was a physician that built an entire cardiovascular & renal practice around one key tool: the conductivity meter. Extraordinary.

How You Rot & Rust Tutorial’s sponsor:

Look for it soon…

Join our Academy and engage the Q-Collective - Biomedx online courses covering the Qualitative, Quantitative, and Quantumtative aspects of health to empower an existing health care practice, start one anew, or just because you want to know. It’s health education training and information you won’t find anywhere else. Target unveiling is Summer 2018.

New things are brewing at Biomedx for Summer 2018 release.
New microscopes, new website, new programs.
Stay tuned, meanwhile, there’s a lot here to look at.

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